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    yep… i see no difference. 

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    Raise your hand if you’ve joined a fandom because you saw it on Tumblr. 

    Raise your hand if you’ve completely avoided things because of the fandom you saw on tumblr


    Raise your hand if you know enough about a fandom to be in it because of tumblr, but haven’t actually watched the show/read the book/etc.

    I need more hands

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    God broke the mold when he made Norman


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  6. Origins: The Bethyl-itis Strain Pt 4


    (Dedicated again to Bethyl fans, all my new followers, and YOU, yes YOU!)

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    Eric & Ginger 6.03//6.09

    I do enjoy them together. :)

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    Tyreese had a talk with Daryl

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    this should not have made me as sad as it did…

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  11. I never want to see him again, for the rest of my…

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    buffy appreciation week: day 3 • most heartbreaking moment or happy moment 

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    Daryl was using the spoon so emphatic way, I could just think about it: Redneck Dixon in love trying to be romantic

    3º gif is really funny, Daryl glancing at to Beth while he is with the spoon in his mouth …. I laughed a lot

    English is not my natural language, if you see any error, please report me 

    Ps: unfortunately I had to reduce the quality of gifs to be able to use them all, but I hope you enjoy

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    No, shushing won’t do any good, sweetheart. We hear everything”