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    “Sometimes, he thought, real love is silent as well as blind.”   ― Stephen King

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    One thing we do need to thank True Blood for is the platform  which gave us Eric. The only thing That kept me watching for seven seasons.

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    Still commentary with Emily Kinney and Julius Ramsay

    with Norman X

  4. sheriffandsteel:

    Still commentary with Norman Reedus and Angela Kang

    with Emily X

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    I need this to happen in season 5.

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  6. I didn’t… I didn’t set her straight. [x]

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  8. Bethyl reunion thoughts…

    If they meet up when everyone is there I can imagine Beth being at one side of the room/clearing and spotting Daryl at the other side. Of course she has to hug and kiss and say a few words with everyone and they are all between her and Daryl.

    Cut to a shot of Beth from above - Blonde hair and pale blue shoulders working her way slowly through dark hair and dark outfits, but clearly heading in Daryl’s direction.

    The last hug is with someone big – Tyreese would be ideal. She gets around him and Daryl’s gone.

    “Where’s Daryl?” she says, a little frantic.

    “He must have gone back on watch,” says someone who doesn’t get how important this is.

    Then she sees him, away from everyone with his back to the group and his head down. She steps up behind him and hugs him from behind (again) and we see that he’s struggling to compose himself but drags in a huge breath as he realises she’s holding him and she’s back…      

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    Liz Climo on Tumblr.

    Previoulsy: 1 - 2

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    Emma Thompson’s Best Actress BAFTA for Sense & Sensibility

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  14. "They’re fucking with the wrong people.”

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